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A community-owned, decentralized platform for freelancers to find the best web3 jobs

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How Solidate Works


Create profile

Create a profile on Solidate platform, mentioning your experience, skills, and any portfolio


Get approved

Pass through our quick pre-vetting process and have your profile approved


Start earning

Get connected to top web3 jobs matching your skills and start earning what you deserve - 100% of your earnings

Why join Solidate?

For talent

The future of work is independent

Pay 0% commission

No talent fees and membership costs so you can keep 100% of what you earn

Work with the most exciting web3 companies

Connect only with top-notch clients and work on the most cutting-edge projects in web3

Earn SOLIDATE tokens

Refer talent or clients to the platform, contribute to the platform and earn in form of SOLIDATE tokens

It’s your network - Own it

Use your SOLIDATE tokens to vote on various platform decisions and help shape the future of the community

For Companies

The future of hiring is independent

Find top web3 talent fast

Get curated and pre-vetted talent profiles that match your needs for the most demanding web3 jobs within days

Save costs

Save 20 to 40% on agency and marketplace fees when hiring freelancers on solidate

Quality guarantee

Your money is safe with us. We guarantee the quality of the talent that you get.


Whether you need an individual talent or a complete team to manage the project, we got you covered!


An Ecosystem of web3 Professionals

Solidate is a platform where top web3 companies are matched with highly sought-after tech freelancers from around the world. Freelancers get to keep 100% of their earnings while networking with other amazing freelancers to explore partnerships and work together in teams.

Our platform is community-owned and is governed by SOLIDATE token holders, most of who are community members that earn their tokens through contributions made to the platform, including:

Pre-vetting the profiles of new freelancers joining the platform
Referring talent to the platform or to specific jobs/projects
Referring clients to the platform

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